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We are transforming how consumers and businesses access applications and content across the mobile Internet.

For Consumers

Freeway by Syntonic

Freeway by Syntonic® gives consumers sponsored and paid access to mobile applications and content, providing a new way for content providers, sponsors, and operators to reach, acquire, engage, and monetize customers.

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For Business

Syntonic Dataflex
Syntonic Dataflex
Syntonic DataFlex® is a mobile split billing solution that works across all mobile operators, and helps companies reduce the costs of BYOD programs, boost productivity, advance business intelligence, and enhance network security.

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Freeway – the unlimited data experience for consumers

Freeway Overpass takes post-paid monthly subscribers from high-and-dry to bingeable by providing unlimited access to the world’s most popular video, music, games, social media apps and more!

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A new way for content providers and app developers to acquire, engage and monetize

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