Today’s mobile workforce has changed considerably over just the last 5 years ago. Employees are no longer tied to the physical location of an office: they work anywhere, including at home and in transit. Split billing conversations have largely centered on mobile BYOD; however, many of the same challenges associated with BYOD — a clear separation of work from personal use— are prevalent for employees who work at home.

The Cochran v. Schwan’s Home Service class action lawsuit and court decision in California that mandates employer reimbursement for mobile network access equally applies to employees working at home and using their home broadband network from their cable or DSL provider.

Syntonic DataFlex® provides split billing and business app analytics for mobile and fixed line networks. Syntonic has the solution to help businesses avoid paying remote employee’s full home broadband bill and avoid class-action lawsuits that can result from not reimbursing employees.