About Syntonic

In 2013 Syntonic (SYT.ASX) was formed in Seattle, Washington by a team of high-tech veterans with expertise in mobile computing, large-scale multi-platform client-service solutions, and delivering B2B and B2C products to market.

The company’s founding premise was that today’s restrained access to mobile data was holding back innovation and the greater potential of the mobile Internet.

With the team’s market proven development and business skills, Syntonic created the Connected Services Platform that supports two solutions to enable and analyze data free access for mobile content and apps.


Freeway by Syntonic® gives consumers sponsored and paid access to mobile applications and content, providing a new way for content providers, sponsors, and operators to reach, acquire, engage, and monetize customers.

Syntonic DataFlex

Syntonic DataFlex® allows businesses a cost effective mobile split billing solution to separate personal from business use on employee smartphones.


119 First Avenue South, Suite 100

Seattle, WA 98104