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Syntonic DataFlex is an operator independent corporate split billing solution that provides cost-effective BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) support to reduce costs, enhance network security, and advance business intelligence. It can reduce the costs of BYOD by over 50% through split billing, the automated separation of business from personal use on employee owned personal mobile devices. The solution is easily integrated into existing expense management systems to further streamline employee reimbursement. Syntonic DataFlex also provides last mile security and employee usage analytics to help guide mobile forecasting, budgeting, investments, and regulatory compliance. It supports any device, any OS and any application without any modifications. Syntonic DataFlex can complement Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) with split billing and analytics.

“Syntonic has a solid product with capabilities that meet key customer requirements for flexibility, operator- and device-agnosticism, and easy deployment.” — 451 Research

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