Analytics to Advance Your Business Intelligence

 Mobile business application data usage has been opaque, making it difficult to control, forecast, and confidently budget. There’s too much uncertainty about how individual employees and departments are using mobile data, which creates obstacles to control costs and understand mobile application investments.

Analytics to measure, analyze, and gain insight

  • Get the most out of your BYOD program

  • Department level billing to help you understand how much mobile data is being used by department, subsidiary, or geography

  • Streamline forecasting and budgeting for mobile data use

  • Set data caps, provide notifications, and help your team stay within budget

App-level mobile data analytics

Syntonic DataFlex provides a full range of cost and usage metrics for your company’s mobile business data.

Budget with Insight

Now there’s a quick and easy way to understand your mobile business application investments, evaluate their return on investment, and plan for your organization’s future. Syntonic DataFlex provides business application usage analytics by employee, department, and company to help you understand individual application usage patterns and overall business application use for your entire operation. Move beyond simple forecasting and budgeting with the strength of business intelligence.

In-depth analytics and reporting allows you to build a foundation for business intelligence

Automate custom reports to keep budget owners informed

Track and map historical trends to understand behavior

Evaluate business application usage and value

Provide usage trends so departments can budget successfully

Forecast with confidence