Cost Savings

It’s estimated that over 70% of the mobile data consumed by employees on mobile devices is for personal use

Save money through the automated separation of mobile business and personal data

  • On average, a business currently subsidizing employee BYOD can reduce mobile data costs by over 50% using Syntonic DataFlex

  • Eliminate excessive employee stipends and reimbursement guesswork

  • Your company receives a mobile invoice that only includes data used by employees for business applications

  • Streamline employee reimbursement by connecting Syntonic DataFlex to your expense management system

  • Easily deployed: IT and employee friendly

  • No changes to network infrastructure or to business applications



Split billing reduces your BYOD costs

Ensures business use remains separate from personal use. Accurately reimburses employees. Stay within budget and forecast with confidence. Split billing can save you money whether you’re starting or expanding your BYOD program.

“Syntonic DataFlex is the first operator independent split billing solution. As such, this works on all carriers including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint and offers the ability to manage BYOD programs in a clear cut and cost effective manner.” — Android Headlines

Launching or expanding a BYOD program has never been more economical

  • Syntonic DataFlex is quick and easy to set up and deploy

  • Integrates with your existing expense reimbursement systems

  • Operator independent

  • The self-service portal has everything you need to get started

  • Any OS, any device

  • No network changes

  • Supports any application or web property: no SDK integration or app wrapping

  • Managed or unmanaged devices

Reduce support costs

It’s easy for employees to use Syntonic DataFlex. They simply download the Syntonic DataFlex application on the App Store or on Google Play™ and complete their account sign-up.

Includes employee self-help support to reduce the burden on busy administrators.

More ways to save money with Syntonic DataFlex

  • Reduce the amount of business mobile data through wireless WAN optimizations

    • Lower your monthly business communications’ data costs through in-network data compression

    • Trim bandwidth costs through intelligent caching and data deduplication

  • Stay on budget with managed mobile data caps

  • Provide employee, department, and company automated usage reports and notifications