Extend Your Enterprise
Mobility Management


Syntonic DataFlex complements Enterprise Mobility Management with split billing and analytics

“The Solution’s ability to provide cost savings, enhanced security and app level business analytics makes it an ideal solution for enterprise.” — The Fast Mode

Syntonic DataFlex is easy to set up and deploy within your existing IT infrastructure. It works with any EMM to extend its functionality, helping you reduce costs and increase your understanding and management of mobile data. The solution includes Syntonic DataFlex Connectors that seamlessly integrate with EMMs.

“DataFlex was designed to simplify complex heterogeneous environments, and to do so, Syntonic supports any operator, any application or website, any device, any operating system, any expense management system, and any enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.” — eWeek

Syntonic DataFlex features

  • Split billing separates business data usage on BYO devices so that you can save money and control costs

  • Device, operating system, operator network, and EMM independent providing you maximum flexibility to support heterogeneous employee environments

  • Wireless WAN Optimizations, such as Syntonic Data Compression℠, is applied to all business communications to further reduce mobile data costs

  • Browser-based administrative console for device provisioning, assigning application access policies, and retrieving application-level network analytics

  • Comprehensive data usage analytics by application, employee, department company, location, and time to ensure verified corporate compliance

  • Programmatic interfaces for all console services that allow for easy integration into IT workflows, EMM solutions, and expense systems—accelerating deployment and minimizing costs

Syntonic DataFlex provides split billing for multi-persona EMM’s, such as Samsung KNOX

Syntonic DataFlex includes a Samsung KNOX Workspace client add-on that enables an end-to-end split billing solution and application usage analytics to help guide mobile forecasting, investments, and compliance.

The Syntonic DataFlex KNOX client component supports the entire range of KNOX 2.0 mobile devices—smartphones and tablets.