Split Billing Can
Quickly Reduce BYOD Program Costs

Deploy, manage, and gain insight

The case for mobile split billing

Not surprisingly, it’s been estimated that 70-80% of the mobile data consumed by employees on mobile devices is for personal use. Because it’s not been possible to differentiate work from personal use, many companies simply pay for both. On average, a company subsidizing employee data could reduce mobile data costs by over 50% using Syntonic DataFlex. Split billing lets companies rationally expand BYOD programs.

Many companies subsidize employee mobile data plans, and the responsibilities to do so are growing. A recent California ruling that sets the stage for employer obligations requires employers to reimburse employees for work-related mobile use on their personal devices.

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On average, a company can save over 50% on mobile data costs by using Syntonic DataFlex.

Syntonic is the best known of the split billing services” —InfoWorld

Split billing automates the separation of mobile business and personal use

  • All business application data is measured, detailed, and managed through analytics and reporting

  • Instead of guesswork and stipends, your company only pays for business data consumed by the applications and websites you provision to employees

  • Employee personal data remains private

How to Enable Split Billing With Syntonic DataFlex
  1. Sign-in to the Syntonic DataFlex browser-based portal
  2. Add employees by domain, department, or individually
  3. Assign business applications on a company, department, or individual employee level
  4. Connect Syntonic DataFlex to your company’s expense management system to automate reimbursement
  5. Invite employees to download Syntonic DataFlex on the AppStore or on GooglePlay
  6. Employees sign-in and are automatically provisioned with the business apps assigned to them
  7. All business application usage is automatically separated from personal use

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Split billing ensures regulatory compliance

  • Syntonic DataFlex provides your company a clear and accurate accounting of mobile data usage for business

  • Finance can track and report business usage with certainty, helping your company meet tax and regulatory obligations

  • HR and Legal teams benefit by having clear records and reports of business activity on an employee, department, or company level


Split billing allows you to confidently launch, manage, and grow your company's BYOD program