Freeway for Content Providers and App Developers 

Grow your reach and deepen your customer relationship

You can’t reach, acquire, engage, or monetize a disconnected user

Freeway’s sponsored data services opens the door for consumers to discover applications and content by removing the cost of mobile access.

Freeway enables someone other than the consumer – a sponsor – to pay for the mobile data, and that opens new business opportunities.

Reach and acquire a new audience by reducing the consumer’s hesitancy to explore your app and content

Make it easy for users to spend more time engaging with your app by removing the burden of mobile data charges

Strengthen your opportunities to monetize and promote content by combining digital offers with free access


Reduce acquisition costs by over 50%

Over two billion people in emerging markets throttle their data usage because they’re on prepaid data plans, which tend to be prohibitively expensive.

Even in developed economies where mobile data is more abundant, consumers curb their content consumption because they’re worried about exceeding their data plans.

App publishers are missing an audience that’s wary of spending their own mobile data on an unfamiliar app.

Freeway helps you improve customer acquisition

  • Remove the data barriers that prevent consumers from discovering your app
  • Assure users that they can try your app without impacting their data plan
  • Make your first-run experience easy and inviting
  • Get above the noise and differentiate your content with Freeway’s sponsored data services
  • Boost your position in the app store

A recent survey by CTIA showed that 94% of millennials, ages 18-34, indicated their willingness to try a new service as part of a free data offering.


Deepen your engagement

You’ve spent the time and money to acquire users, but it’s a challenge to keep them engaged and retained. Are consumers using your app, exploring, consuming content, growing their affinity to your brand, trying key features, getting to the next level, liking, recommending, sharing, and increasing their reliance on your content?

Consumers are spending their mobile data to use your app: remove the hurdle!

Freeway provides consumers free mobile data for specified actions — using an app for a certain amount of time, reaching a level within the app, trying new features, sharing with friends, and more.

Freeway increases your engagement and retention

  • Eliminate the friction of data charges
  • Provide a complete zero-rated experience when and where you need it
  • Spur users to immerse themselves in your content
  • Reward loyalty with sponsored data
  • Win back customers by providing them a no-risk invitation to reengage


Strengthen your monetization

Mobile application developers, publishers, and content providers don’t need to miss an opportunity for in-app purchase when sponsored access is available.

Freeway reduces the friction that can stand between the customer and the decision to buy.

Help customers get to the other side of a purchase. Free mobile access creates a welcome shopping experience.

And once sold, Freeway can zero-rate access to make it easier for users to consume digital goods.

Sponsored data can even be part of a subscription offering, bundling access with content.

Grow your revenues

  • Reduce the friction of the consumer journey
  • Create a more efficient path to monetization
  • Include sponsored access with your digital goods
  • Uncover new ways to monetize
  • Amplify your campaigns and drive measurable results

Freeway also supports data rewards

Data rewards let consumers earn top-ups for their prepaid mobile data plans by completing actions, such as downloading and using an app. Data rewards are another way for sponsors to incentivize consumer behaviors.

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Freeway is a new way for consumers to experience the mobile Internet. It provides consumers with sponsored or paid unlimited access to a growing catalog of premium content!

Best Mobile App (BMA) Fall 2017 Gold Award
Named “Best of 2017” Mobile Star Award
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A new way for content providers and app developers to acquire, engage and monetize

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