Manage employee mobile expenses


Syntonic DataFlex® is an operator independent split billing solution that helps you reduce the costs of your mobile BYOD program, advance your business intelligence and enhance network security

It’s flexible, easy to deploy, and works with:

  • Any device

  • Any business application

  • Any mobile operator


Cost savings

  • On average, a company currently subsidizing employee data could reduce mobile data costs by over 50% using Syntonic DataFlex.

  • Save money through split billing; the automated separation of mobile business and personal data on employee personal devices.

  • Your company only pays for business data: employees pay for their personal data.

  • Provide cost effective, employee reimbursement for business usage through your company’s expense management system.

  • It’s easily deployed: IT and employee friendly. No changes to network infrastructure or to business applications.


Split billing

Syntonic DataFlex generates a monthly invoice for mobile business data usage across all operators

Mobile business data remains separate from employee’s personal use

Your business can reimburse employees directly for business usage on their mobile devices
Or your company can simply clear business data charges from the employee’s data bill and pay the operator

Your employee’s personal data remains separate and private


Now you can easily understand and manage your company’s usage of mobile applications


  • Insight for app usage by employee, department, company, date, and more

  • Automate departmental reporting and notifications

  • Set configurable data caps and roaming/geography restrictions

  • Enable department and company-wide budgeting and forecasting

  • Build business intelligence

  • Help your company get the most value out of your mobile business applications

Enhanced network security

Advance your BYOD program by better protecting your company’s mobile business data

  • Provide last mile encryption from the employee’s device to Syntonic’s secure cloud—even if the employee is accessing unencrypted data through HTTP or over an unsecured public Wi-Fi network

  • Optional mobile VPN support through secure, content-specific mobile access, If you’re interested in getting the right VPN, check out vpn reviews 2019.

  • Early warning threat detection

  • Manage employee policies and access revocation

Cost savings

On average, a company subsidizing employee data could reduce mobile data costs by over 50% using Syntonic DataFlex

Split billing

Separate business from personal use with a single mobile data invoice that only includes employee usage for assigned business applications


Manage and forecast mobile access costs with app-level analytics, segmented by employee, department, company, time of day, location, costs, and data used


Protect your business assets via threat detection and last mile encryption from the employee device to Syntonic’s secure cloud

Employer Research Finds US Businesses Overspend More Than $2.6 Billion Annually on BYOD Reimbursements

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Syntonic-ISG Research Reveals Employee Apprehension to Use Personal Devices for Work Due to Lack of Reimbursement, Jeopardizing BYOD Productivity Gains

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