An easy and convenient way for enterprises to separate business and personal expenses on employee-owned (BYOD) smartphones

Syntonic DataFlex

Syntonic DataFlex provides an easy and convenient way to manage employee smartphone reimbursement for work purposes. Unlike standard expense management solutions or flat reimbursement schemes, Syntonic technology accurately separates business and personal expenses on employee-owned (BYOD) smartphones. Enterprises can expand their BYOD program while reducing management overhead and increasing productivity.

Carrier, Device and Application-Independent

Syntonic DataFlex is an operator-independent split-billing solution that helps reduce the costs of mobile BYOD programs while also advancing business intelligence and enhancing network security.

It’s flexible, easy to deploy and works with:

Any device

Any business application

Any mobile operator



Syntonic DataFlex generates a monthly invoice for mobile business data usage across all operators.

Mobile business data remains separate from personal use.

Reimburse employees directly for business usage…

…or simply clear business data charges from the employee’s data bill and pay the operator.

Employee personal data remains separate and private.


Easily understand and manage your company’s usage of mobile applications

Insight for app usage by employee, department, company, date and more

Automate departmental reporting and notifications

Set configurable data caps and roaming/geography restrictions

Enable department and company-wide budgeting and forecasting

Build business intelligence

Get the most value out of your mobile business applications

Enhanced Network Security

Advance your BYOD program by better protecting your company’s mobile business data

Provide last mile encryption — even over an unsecured public Wi-Fi network

Optional mobile VPN support through secure, content-specific mobile access

Early warning threat detection

Manage employee policies and access revocation

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