Syntonic On-Ramp Education Services

Providing equal access to online educational resources

One-to-One computing programs are providing students across the US with computing devices at an unprecedented rate. However, in many large urban school districts up to 80% of students don’t have Internet access at home. As a result, outside of the school there is a significant access gap to learning tools, school approved curriculum, and online educational material. It’s easy to take Internet access for granted, but many students simply can’t connect to the Internet when they’re off-campus so they can complete their coursework. Moreover, schools don’t have have enough budget or the community directive to provide unlimited Internet access.

Anytime, anywhere access

OnRampLogo_MedSyntonic On-Ramp Education Services combines cellular data connectivity with online class assignments, learning tools and other digital educational content to provide students with equal access to school approved content—anywhere and anytime.Syntonic On-Ramp Education Services gives students access to school-approved applications, web sites and online content over a mobile connection. This optimizes limited school budgets because the school only pays for the mobile access used for approved education materials. It’s an efficient use of school funds.

Syntonic On-Ramp Education Services gives administrators direct feedback about how mobile access is being used by student, class, grade-level, school, frequency, duration, and application. Live analytics and reporting can be used to determine how effective the school is in achieving its educational goals. Syntonic On-Ramp Education Services provides school administrators and teachers tools to administer, manage, analyze, strengthen, and assess student achievement.

24_350Syntonic On-Ramp Education Services is easily integrated into existing school deployment and management
workflows. It is device (tablet, notebook, smartphone) and OS (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS) independent.Syntonic On-Ramp Education Services is currently deployed on the AT&T nationwide 4G network. Syntonic is actively working with the other major operators to provide additional coverage within and outside of the United States.


Syntonic On-Ramp education services features

  • Seamless integration into existing Technology Department and IT workflows, accelerating deployment and minimizing costs

  • Browser-based administrative portal to manage access policies and usage analytics

  • Managed 4G mobile data access, exclusively focused on the apps, content and web sites permitted by the school’s curriculum administrators

  • Flexible and fine grain access policies including time-of-day, geolocation, and usage, managed by school, grade level, classroom, and individual student

  • AT&T’s nationwide wireless network coverage for reliable student access to academic resources from urban to rural locations lacking fixed-line networks

  • Cloud-based policy enforcement supporting any student device without requiring modification to the computing hardware, application, or network configuration—ensuring there is no additional work for already overburdened school IT and Technology Departments

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Technology is transforming education at Highline Public Schools. Off-campus connectivity for Highline students is essential for them to achieve the district’s scholastic achievement goals as outlined by our community and in our strategic plan 

Mark Finstrom
CTO, Highline School District