Employee Benefits of Syntonic DataFlex

Now there’s a way for your company to reimburse you when you use your personal smartphone for work

Employee reimbursement you can count on

Syntonic DataFlex separates your personal and work mobile use so your employer knows exactly how much to reimburse you when you use your smartphone for work

  • Your employer only receives information on your business use

  • Protects your personal privacy

  • Automates reimbursement

Convenience and increased job satisfaction

  • Enjoy the flexibility of using your own smartphone for work

  • Keep work and your personal life separate

  • Use a corporate phone number, not your personal number

  • Stay connected on your terms, with one smartphone

Why should your company reimburse you?

Businesses derive a tremendous benefit from employing the power of your mobile smartphone to conduct operations. Accurate business reporting and fair reimbursement is in everyone’s interest.

You may have also heard about the recent California Court of Appeals ruling that businesses must reimburse employees when they’re required to use their personal smartphone for work. The court affirmed that reimbursement was required even if employees have an unlimited mobile plan or someone other than the employee pays the monthly mobile bill. Massachusetts has similar labor law, and other states are expected to follow suit.

Reimbursement for business usage is recognition by your company that they rely on your personal smartphone to help improve business.

How reimbursement works

Syntonic DataFlex is quick and easy to set up.

Your IT manager enrolls the company’s employees and assigns the appropriate mobile business applications.

Employees download Syntonic DataFlex on the App Store or on GooglePlay and log-in. From then on, any business applications used on your phone are separated from your personal use.

Your business voice, text, and data usage smartphone costs will be directly reimbursed to you each month through payroll, expense management, or as a credit from your mobile operator. It’s automatic. No forms, no submission, and no delay waiting for approvals.

What information is available to your employer?

Syntonic DataFlex includes an employee business usage page where you can see which applications are being reimbursed and the amount of data being used. It’s the same information your company receives. Syntonic DataFlex separates work from personal use.

How Syntonic DataFlex helps your company

  • Streamlines BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs to keep your company’s workforce better connected and more productive

  • Saves money through accurate accounting and automated employee reimbursement

  • Supports businesses of any size

  • Builds employee confidence in BYOD by maintaining personal privacy and through ongoing reimbursement

  • Cost savings lets your company broaden BYOD programs to cover more employees, reducing the gaps between business information, collaboration, and decision making

  • Provides application-level analytics and mobile business insight

  • Improves budgeting and forecasting

  • Whether you’re an employee or an employer, Syntonic DataFlex helps BYOD run more smoothly

What’s next?

You can let your manager or IT staff know that you’re interested in smartphone usage reimbursement by sharing the link to this site. As an added bonus, you’ll also help your company save 10% on Syntonic DataFlex!