Freeway by Syntonic Case Study: BBA Studios

Freeway by Syntonic provides consumers a new way to experience mobile content. It’s built on the Syntonic Freeway App Development Toolkit. The Freeway by Syntonic application is available on the App Store and on Google Play. Freeway by Syntonic opens new opportunities for content publishers to reach consumers outside of traditional data plans through the use of sponsored data.

In the fall of 2014, BBA Studios, a small, independent film studio based in Seattle, decided that it would allocate marketing resources to Freeway by Syntonic to help promote their new movie, Frank vs. God. It was an easy, decision for BBA. They wanted to minimize friction for consumers watching the film trailer so they could reach the widest possible audience. BBA Studios also had technical constraints. They weren’t in a position to allocate any internal engineering resources for the promotion. And they had schedule pressure: BBA was doing early screenings, and they wanted to immediately begin promotions.

BBA Studios made the decision to sponsor the film’s preview using Freeway by Syntonic so consumers could watch the Frank vs. God trailer without any impact to the consumer’s data plan. The Marketing team at BBA Studios made the decision, and simply supplied a link so that Syntonic could make the clip available as sponsored content within Freeway by Syntonic. The preview for Frank vs. God was available within one day to Freeway by Syntonic consumers on iOS and Android.

In the words of Scott Schill, BBA Studios Producer, “Freeway by Syntonic’s sponsored data struck us as a new way to compete and reach our audience. We were excited to try this out. We didn’t have to modify our content to work with Freeway. We simply signed a business agreement and our content was immediately sponsored. Syntonic has made it really easy for content providers to transform their content into sponsored content. Freeway by Syntonic removes the friction behind acquiring and engaging an audience, and this is valuable to both large and small independent film studios. We’re excited about the prospects for this new form of content delivery.”

Freeway by Syntonic provided BBA Studios a great way to get in front of an audience and build awareness for their film, Frank vs. God, which made its way to theaters in the Fall of 2015.