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Sponsored and paid data access to mobile apps and content

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Acquisition, Engagement, and Monetization

Freeway sponsored data services bundles mobile connectivity with applications. It lets content providers acquire, engage, and monetize consumers by removing the access barrier of mobile data. Freeway’s sponsored data services and Overpass paid content plans help mobile operators raise ARPUs with sustainable, differentiated offers.

Freeway enables someone other than the consumer – a sponsor – to pay for the mobile data, freeing consumers to use and deepen their relationship with apps and content.

Freeway Overpass lets mobile operators enable consumer paid content plans for single apps or bundles of apps, for any specified period of time, with no data leakage.

What is sponsored data?

Sponsored data allows consumers to explore and experience apps without impacting their mobile data plan.

Sponsored data temporarily removes the data charges to use a mobile app. A sponsor pays for the mobile data on behalf of the consumer.

Sponsored data reduces friction, is app and content specific, and is easily targeted to reinforce consumer behaviors.

Sponsored data promotes engagement

The prohibitive costs of mobile data results in billions of consumers rationing their use making it more challenging for content providers, application developers, and advertisers to reach, acquire, engage, and monetize these users.

  • More than 80% of consumers in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and other emerging economies have prepaid data plans. Wi-Fi is not prevalent and mobile data is expensive relative to household income.
  • Even in postpaid markets such as the United States, consumers regulate their consumption of mobile content, such as video and audio, in fear of exceeding their data plans.

Sponsored data removes the barrier of data charges, reducing consumer hesitancy to explore apps and content

Freeway by Syntonic Technologies


Freeway app on Google Play and the App Store
Accept and use sponsored offers
— or —
Purchase and use Overpass subscription content plans

Content Publishers

Freeway White Label™
Deliver your content through the Freeway app or replicate Freeway with your own branding and distribution

Mobile Operators

Syntonic Connected Services Platform™ (CSP)
Employ CSP, the complete back-end for Freeway sponsored data services, subscription content plans, and client components


Freeway Campaign Manager™
Set up campaigns and track success with analytics

App Developers

Freeway SDK™
Embed sponsored data services directly within your app and get advanced controls for offers

Freeway by Syntonic reduces the friction to reach, engage, and monetize consumers by providing alternatives and extensions to traditional data plans

The Freeway consumer sponsored experience

Install Freeway to a smartphone from Google Play or the App Store.

Accept mobile data offers for activities, such as downloading an app, trying specific features, sharing with friends, or accessing content.

Launch a sponsored app directly from Freeway or from the Home screen – in either case, the user is immediately notified that the session is sponsored: no data charges apply!

The Freeway Overpass consumer subscription experience

Download Freeway to a smartphone on Google Play or the App Store

Select a free trial, sponsored offer, one-time paid offer, or subscription for a specified duration of time

Enjoy unlimited data access for the apps you love. Watch, listen, play, and share more with Freeway Overpass

Everyone benefits with sponsored data and paid offers

Consumers save money with the flexibility to access the content they want

Mobile operators  increase customer retention, attract new subscribers, and grow average revenue per user

Application developers and content owners get a more cost effective means to acquire, engage, and monetize consumers

Brands and advertisers reach new audiences and deepen affinity by sponsoring consumer access to content

A new way for content providers and app developers to acquire, engage and monetize

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