Freeway by Syntonic®
for Mobile Operators 

Move beyond the data plan

Data plans are no longer a sustainable business model

Revenue growth requires new ideas and new monetization models to realize the full value of your network investments

Demand for content is showing no signs of slowing down
Yet even as data use continues to grow, ARPUs are declining, churn is ever present, and subscriber loyalty is diminishing.

Consumer behaviors have changed
As mobile devices grow more powerful, it’s clear that apps and content — not data — are what consumers’ value.

Freeway by Syntonic enables operators to recapture lost value with content-centric business models to grow revenue, increase ARPU, and differentiate themselves in a dynamic, competitive marketplace

Freeway is flexible and scalable
Freeway can adapt to your specific business and technical requirements and can scale to meet the size, scope, and reliability needs of any service you deliver. 

Freeway offers a full menu of solutions
From sponsored data to ad-supported content to tailored subscription plans, Freeway for mobile operators delivers a wide range of solutions.

Syntonic Connected Services Platform® (CSP)

Freeway is built on the CSP, our commercially proven, carrier grade solution that doesn’t require any modifications to existing operator infrastructure. CSP will not impact network performance.

Freeway services provide new ways to monetize your network

  • Content subscriptions
  • Pay-per-view
  • Time or usage-based micro plans
  • Unlimited data app bundles
  • Ad-supported content
  • Sponsored data
  • Data free content services
  • Data rewards

Provide subscription-based content plans

Let consumers choose fixed-rate, one-time or recurring plans for pay-per-view, app-specific access to sports, games, social media content, or other targeted micro-plans for a day, a week, a month or any duration

Tap into the $180B mobile ad market [eMarketer, March 2017]

Allow brands and other advertisers to sponsor access to live events, streamed programming, movie premieres, video games, social media apps, podcasts, or any content with high consumer appeal.

Introducing Freeway Overpass

Freeway Overpass provides consumers the flexibility to personalize their app and content needs with unlimited data for the apps consumers want, for a day, a week, or anytime

It’s flexible! Freeway Overpass supports single apps or bundles of apps

Freeway Overpass helps mobile operators retain network value with new ways to monetize consumers, grow ARPUs, deepen consumer relationships, and increase subscriber loyalty

It’s easy, secure, and reliable to enable your network for Freeway Overpass

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Freeway by Syntonic overcomes the business and operational challenges of transitioning to content services

Accelerate the Time to MarketAccelerate the time to market

The Syntonic CSP is engineered for rapid integration. A complete set of tools and services designed for scalability, reliability and high availability means you can quickly be operational and stay running.

Avoid lost revenue

Data leakage can confuse customers and leave you exposed. Unlike PCRF/ PCEF solutions, Freeway ensures absolutely no data leakage for all your zero-rated content services. This gives you 100% revenue assurance for the content services you deploy.

Reduce the burden on systems and resources

Building and maintaining a custom solution can be costly and time consuming. The Freeway hosted solution frees you up to explore new revenue streams without the added burden of monitoring, maintaining, and updating systems.

Measure success

Freeway by Syntonic includes integrated metrics and reporting tools. These give you insights into the performance and profitability of the content services you deliver.

Free yourself from the policy constraints of your current infrastructure

Freeway’s flexible policy client-server solution allows for highly granular, individualized content services without any changes to existing hardware infrastructure.

Get ready to move beyond the data plan

Join the growing list of operators worldwide who are transforming their business with Freeway by Syntonic.

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