Mobile Operators—Moving Beyond the Data Plan


Expand your customer base for mobile services by adding application-specific offers that complement your existing subscription plans. Customers who experience the value and freedom of connectivity anywhere are great upgrade prospects for subscription data services.


Don’t Let Data Plans Impede Your Opportunities

In a world where voice and text are just applications, how will your company remain competitive? What is your company’s plan to capture the opportunity behind rapid consumer adoption of smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other connected devices? If your only major lever for differentiation is MB data pricing, then Syntonic’s Connected Services is your answer to capture the consumer opportunity and for moving beyond the data plan!

Connected Services: Capturing the New Opportunity

Mobile Data was originally used to differentiate WAP browsing from mobile voice services. With today’s mobile devices, however, communication services are just one category of apps spanning rich media, games, and anytime-anywhere access to news, entertainment, productivity, and community. Today, it’s the content experience, not data that is meaningful to consumers.

Connected Services lets you transition your business from a network provider selling commodity voice, data, and text services to a modern service provider offering compelling content services. Replacing “data plans”, “ARPU”, and “throttling” are “content bundles”, “up stack margins”, and “recurring connected services revenue”.

Commercial Models offered by Syntonic

Connected Services commercial models are familiar in other content distribution channels such as cable or broadcast TV.

Sponsored Data: Content providers traditionally pay for content carriage to increase consumption, monetized by ads, freemium to premium conversions, and other revenue generating means. Sponsored Data provides you the opportunity to uniquely differentiate your service offering and establish new revenue opportunities from content carriage and revenue share.

Subscriptions & Transactions: Consumers provide another source of revenue opportunity for everything from subscriptions to sales of connected digital goods, such as magazines, applications, and media services.

Other/Strategic: Trials and limited duration promotions are now readily available to initiate the sale and to entice customers into purchasing additional, longer-term offerings.

Custom Solutions

Syntonic has developed a complete set of services to address the operational gaps in your company’s transition to Connected Services. These include: an app management system (AMS), content catalog, access rights management, audit logs, analytics, billing, provisioning, application development, hosting services, and more.

Moving Forward

It’s easy to take steps to support connected services that will complement your existing services. Syntonic provides a broad range of solutions to address the needs of your target audience

The Value Customer who lacks the means to extend their plan. Now you can provide flexible business and usage models based on relevant content. Applications and sponsored data can extend their device experiences without overextending their budgets.

The Unreachables with multiple devices who can’t obtain the full value of any plan attached to their assorted mobile devices, such as. tablets, wearables, automobiles, and PCs. The device isn’t the center of the experience; it’s all about content and applications. Flexible application and content models help you align the value of the content with the experience of the content.

The Power Data Consumer who is never satisfied with an “unlimited” plan that throttles their access. With connected services, content is always available to acquire, engage, or monetize a consumer.

»To find out more about making this transition from a network provider to a content provider, and how to monetize the customer experience on app-centric mobile devices, please contact a Syntonic sales representative at